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Painting in L’Escala

We dedicate ourselves to painting in L’Escala, indoor and outdoor, with quality products. We have a wide variety of materials and tools to fit your needs. It is important to paint your house to keep it in good condition and avoid deterioration.

Painting a property is a way to renovate the house. If we are tired of the colors of the house and its design changes the color of the house can help us change the look of the whole house and redesign and redecorate its interior.

The color change of our property can inspire us to change the interior and / or exterior design of the house.

We give you a detailed estimate according to the needs and deterioration of walls, windows, bars…

Before we start painting, we make a series of previous works of great importance.
First we scratch the places inside the house where the paint jumps, we pass the karcher on the exterior facades and we wait for them to dry.
Once done, we cover all the cracks or holes that may have appeared in the house because of various factors such as the movements of the ground, the holes that we made at the time to hang something on the wall but that we no longer hang etc …

Then we squeeze any imperfections that might have been left behind because of the application of the sealant we used to cover the cracks. Then we tap the baseboards, the door frames, we cover with the newspaper the objects that can not be unhooked from the wall, etc … so that at the time of painting the result of the work is perfect.

Before applying the paint we mix it well to start using the brushes and the roller on the walls in a correct and professional way.

It is only from this moment that we start using the paint that makes the corners cut with brushes of a suitable size and the roll for the rest of the walls.

A good quality of paint is a determining factor when it comes to getting the best result when painting your home. That’s why all the paints we use are of quality so that we can obtain a satisfactory, excellent and durable result.

In our company, we love our work, that’s why we are fully involved in all the work we do to make our customers as satisfied as possible.

If you need any of our services, do not hesitate to contact us. We can offer you a budget without commitment.