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Cleaning in l’Escala

Cleaning is a very important and habitual factor that must be done to maintain a house in good condition and to avoid possible bacteria or allergies due to poor domestic hygiene.

Many of the environmental factors are found inside homes: like dust, pet hair, mold and humidity.

For this reason, we dedicate ourselves to cleaning the houses thoroughly, including sweeping different surfaces, cleaning walls, dust, lamps, etc…

If you had carpets in the house, we clean them and we suck them carefully because this type of material usually contains dust particles and pet hair.

We offer a cleaning service in L’Escala for houses, apartments, offices, windows, neighborhood community etc… We offer a seasonal, annual, periodic or punctual cleaning service according to your preferences and needs.

To dedicate yourself to professional cleaning, you must have all materials and products suitable for all surfaces or dirt that may be in a house. That’s why we have all the equipment needed to clean all kinds of surfaces or dirt.

That’s why we have a lot of brooms, shovels, mops, brushes, vacuum cleaners, mops, feather dusters, sponges, wipes, rags of different fabrics depending on what we need them to use.

Another important factor to obtain a brilliant result of cleaning are the products used: degreasing product, cleaning product for sole, bleach, maintenance product for windows, liquid for giving shine, vinegar, salfuman, disinfectants, maintenance product for furniture …

That’s why we work with the best brands in all products.

In our company, we love our work, that’s why we are fully involved in all the work we do to make the customers as satisfied as possible. We adapt to your cleaning needs if you inform us in advance so that we can organize.

If you need any of our services, do not hesitate to contact us. We can offer you a budget without commitment.