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Gardener L’Escala

Our team of gardeners L’Escala puts at your service its skills and has a material adapted to each type of work. Thus, you will enjoy your property without having to worry all year long. In a second home, a well-maintained garden avoids the deterioration or appearance of abandonment of the property in the months that you are not in the property. We do the maintenance annual, seasonal, punctual gardens etc.

We dedicate ourselves to all kinds of gardening work with a lot of experience in the sector: pruning of all kinds of trees, maintenance of all kinds of gardens, sowing grass, creating gardens, artificial turf, scarifying the grass, etc.

When we have or intend to have a garden, we think of the beauty of flowers and plants in an outdoor environment. But we do not think of any other benefits that flowers and plants have. Therefore, having a garden is not just for aesthetics.

A garden also offers a disconnect from the daily routine, offers a contact with nature that is of vital importance for health and that with the routine of work this contact with nature is relegated to the background.

A garden is the ideal place for children to enjoy, play and connect with nature. Children playing in the garden also avoid breaking parts of a house that are normally in danger. The garden is also a good place to hold meetings or family meals to enjoy the company surrounded by nature and have a good time.

A garden can be a source of inspiration for making decisions, both professional and personal, because it brings a particular serenity to make the best decisions.

Another important factor is the value that gives the property a garden that can perpetuate it over time.

In our team of gardeners L’Escala, we are also dedicated to the rental of gardening machines and others: brush cutter, blower, mower, hedge trimmers, chainsaw, karcher, ladder, grinder, circular saw, pump water evacuation, electric vacuum cleaner, concrete mixer, wheelbarrow and others. (see attached PDF)

In our company, we love our work, that’s why we are fully involved in all the work we do to make our customers as satisfied as possible.

If you need any of our services, do not hesitate to contact us. We can offer you a budget without commitment.